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ISPM 15 Wooden Packaging Services
Peterborough, Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge, Coventry and throughout the UK

Are you looking for Wooden Packaging Services throughout Peterborough, Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge and Coventry. We deliver specialist ISPM 15 Wooden Packaging  throughout the UK.

Howard Wooden Packaging supply treated wooden packaging for:

  • Pallets
  • Cases
  • Crates
  • Dunnage
  • Containers
  • and more

Why do we need ISPM 15 Wooden Packaging?

ISPM 15 has been adopted on a world wide scale. ISPM 15 a method of treatment which dramatically reduces the risk of disease and insects in transportation which can serious harm plants and eco systems.

The ISPM 15 Treatment Process

ISPM 15 also known as ISPM 15/56/30. The treatment process requires that the core temperature of the timber is heated to 56 degrees for 30 minutes. This is achieved by placing the timber in a kiln which is heated to the optimium temperature.

Knowing that your timber has been treated

It is easy to know if Timber has been treated. Your ISPM 15 packaging or container will be stamped with the internationally recognised UK Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme Stamp (UKWPMMP) This will contain information on the country of origin and our unique business Identifier. All ISPM 15 packaging in the UK is assessed and audited by the Forestry Commission every 6 months.

Which countries are legally required to abide by the ISPM 15 rules?

The ISPM 15 treatment is required by many coutnries throughout the world. We have composed a list which is available online. View Countries