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Specialist ISPM 15 Crates and Containers

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Wooden Packaging ISPM 15 Cases
Peterborough, Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge, Coventry and throughout the UK

Are you looking for ISPM Cases in Peterborough, Leicester, Northampton, Cambridge, Coventry? We deliver specialist ISPM 15 Wooden Packaging throughout the UK. Howard Wooden Packaging manufacture a complete variety of timber cases and crates to any size. We create custom based or generic ISPM 15 crates, complete to the customers requirements.

Our team are fully capable of providing small or large volumes. Our wooden ISPM 15 cases are designed with strength and durability in mind ensuring your goods are protected during transit. if you would like to discuss your container requirements contact our team and we will be happy to advise on the best solution for you.

We are able to deliver flat pack ISPM 15 containers allowing you to construct at a time that suits you. Speak to our ISPM 15 specialists today to disover a complete range of solutions for your transite requirements.

Countries which require ISPM 15 Packaging and Crates

ISPM 15 Packaging is a legal requirement in many countries throughout the world. If you are exporting good ensure that you are meeting the legal requirements. Howard Wooden Packaging have put together a list of countries which require ISPM packaging and containers. Find out more...