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Countries That Require ISPM 15 Products

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  • 18-08-2022
Countries That Require ISPM 15 Products

This article looks at the countries that require ISPM 15 products. We look at ISPM15 requirements and the countries that require ISPM 15 packaging.


All packaging that includes raw wood materials in international trade, for example, wooden crates, pallets or other forms of support that can house infestations of pests and small insects, must undergo heat treatments to ensure they comply with ISPM15. Suppose your wooden materials were to be left unregulated.

In that case, they could potentially plant diseases throughout international trade or further spread or become host to dozens of quarantine pests of various species. You and your company manufacturers must follow import regulations not only for security and data protection but also for health and safety purposes, which is why these protocols have been adopted by trading companies and partners worldwide.

The implementation of ISPM (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 was initially in March 2002 as part of a treaty governed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation referred to as the International Plant Protection Convention. Inspections were also implemented at each station so that the manufactured goods could be observed and checked at each point throughout their journey. 


The National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) developed a program wherein, under their authority, almost all wood packaging materials must comply with the existing requirements. The regulations require them to undergo a heat treatment or be fumigated using methyl bromide. 


You'll find that there are a few exemptions to such wood packing material requirements; for example, most heat-treated processes are catered towards wood of approximately 6mm of thickness, so any less is usually exempt. Processed wood or debarked wood like plywood or particleboard is usually exempt as they present a particularly low risk of spreading pests. 

ISPM Marking

ISPM marking is a crucial part of the regulations, as it is a way to immediately display your packaging's compliance with the regulations. 

The marking often includes the following:

The official IPPC department certification symbol.

It includes the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code or the two-letter country code, for example, U.S. - United States, N.Z. - New Zealand, A.U. - Australia, G.B. - Great Britain, etc.

It will also display the unique certification number first issued to the NPPOs so that regulation agencies can oversee the manufacturers and be sufficiently tracked and traced.

There is also another unique certification number on the marking that is issued to the treatment manufacturer or provider, which allows the wood packaging material to be traced directly back to them, which is helpful if there are any issues or feedback purposes.

Next, it includes the stamped code words symbolising your wood packaging material's treatment. For example, the code H.T. implies that it has received heat treatments with a core temperature of around 56

Degrees Celsius and M.B. represent the process of using methyl bromide fumigation.

If your solid wood packaging material is intended for dunnage, the marking will also state this, using the dunnage code 'DUN.' Such code is often applied to loose timber or lumber to secure shipped products. 

Finally, the ISPM 15 stamp can also include plenty of additional information desired by the suppliers or producers for the purposes of clear identification.

Treatment Types

There are a few significant internationally accepted forms of treatment to solely achieve ISPM15 so that your wooden packaging materials can be suitably and freely shipped off across the globe with your products, cargo or goods inside. These include the following:

Heat Treatment (H.T.):- Such includes heating the wood at its core until it reaches temperatures of approximately 56°C. Once this has been achieved, you must maintain it at that temperature for around 30 minutes.

Steady Heat Treatment (H.T.):- This includes a standard procedure typically conducted within remaining heating chambers.

Kiln-Dried Treatment (K.D.):- Such is a similar standard to heat treatment, yet it also needs to fulfil moisture standards.

Mobile Heat Treatment (H.T.):- This is much like heat treatment, yet it is typically conducted in trucks with heating chambers installed so that you can complete the process anywhere during its journey.

Fast Container Connector (F.C.C. - H.T.):- This is another heat treatment conducted inside containers using a mobile heating unit; it is often referred to or seen as a simplified variant of P.C.P., most suitable for terminals and ports.

Methyl Bromide (M.B.):- Such requires professional manufacturers to entirely fill the area with gaseous pesticides, such as methyl bromide.

Container Fumigation:- This method involves placing the wooden packaging in a container filled with methyl bromide, aerated and released after 24 hours of quarantine.

Tent Fumigation is a similar process, yet it includes covering the wooden packaging with a specific tent that is then sealed to the ground using weights. The tent is fumigated with methyl bromide and released after 24 hours.

Countries that require ISPM 15 Products

If you need ISPM 15 compliant packaging and containers and are looking to export internationally, look at our list to see if your country of export requires ISPM 15 crates and containers.

Our team at Howard Packaging will be happy to advise on any of your queries or concerns where ISPM 15 legislation is concerned. Contact us for further information if you are unsure of whether your country requires ISPM15 for shipping. 










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Countries which require ISPM 15 Packaging and Crates ISPM 15 Packaging is a legal requirement in many countries throughout the world. If you are exporting goods, ensure that you meet the legal requirements. Howard Wooden Packaging has put together a list of countries which require ISPM packaging and containers. 

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