ISPM 15 Wooden Crates and Pallets by Howard Wooden Packaging

Howard Wooden Packaging are able to provide a full range of wooden pallets for you. All of our pallets are produced from fully ISPM 15 treated timber and all of our pallets are manufactured for your specific requirements. We are en ethical business taking the environment in to consideration with all of our palleting projects.

ISPM 15 Wooden Pallets

We provide a complete range of wooden pallets for you including:

  • Two Way Entry Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Pallets
  • Any Size and Construction

Countries which require ISPM 15 Packaging and Crates

ISPM 15 Packaging is a legal requirement in many countries throughout the world. If you are exporting good ensure that you are meeting the legal requirements. Howard Wooden Packaging have put together a list of countries which require ISPM packaging and containers. Find out more...